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Kingsboro Temple of Seventh-day Adventist Presents Removing the Mask People hide their real self behind a mask because they do not want others to see them as they really are. We all wear masks, some people have layers of masks, and some of us do not realize we have on masks. There are many reasons why we develop masks. However, there is also a cost for being masked. We must understand how we came to develop the mask and why we have the mask. As a result of the workshop, Remove the Mask and Be Our Whole Self! Join us at 7:45pm on Saturday May 2nd at Kingsboro Temple SDA.
Miracle Power Ministry Presents Prayer Summit Explosion Join us May 2, 2015 at 6pm with speaker Evangelist George Williams and featuring gospel recording artist Dwayne Starling. Let the Holy Spirit Bless, Heal, Restore Hope, Deliver from Addiction, Depression and more.
Brooklyn Faith Church of Seventh-day Adventist Presents Community Guest Day 2015 On April 25th, join the Brooklyn Faith Church of Seventh-day Adventists as they present their Community Guest Day! Featuring Dr. Michael Harvey of Norther Caribbean University, we invite everyone to come out and be blessed!
Praizevision Updates Roku ChannelWatch PV on your TV! You can now catch your favorite Praizevision Ministries LIVE on our updated Roku Channel. We have be working hard to prepare this channel with both LIVE and Ondemand services to go along with our current PraizeTV station. We are providing this service free of charge to the end users for trial period. So if you already have ROKU download your Public app TODAY!
Praizevision Presents jUsB Movement'sParallels Web Series The Parallels web series is a unique web series about 11 unknowingly connected individuals as they encounter life changing circumstances. The ups, the downs, the seemingly insignificant, the paramount, the perspective altering moments that change the course of who we are is at the heart of the Parallels web series. The tag line is “Everyone has a Story Worth Telling” because quite simply, it is true. All beings on this earth are equal and we have the obligation to live as though our “story” is just a small part of a greater one. The Parallels web series sheds a light on this.
The PraizeGroup Launches Recording Project Durel Hall and Restored It has been an honor and a privilege to spread the gospel via the union of ministry and technology. Keeping in line with our deep rooted desire to submit our praises unto the Lord via the utilization of our talents we are excited to break new ground in terms of artist development and music production.
Take Your Favorite PraizeVision Features Anywhere:PraizeVision App Available Since it’s establishment in 2006, PraizeVision has continued to create value for it’s visitors and users. This looks like it’s going to be a great year for promising technology company as it introduces it’s new mobile app on March 1, 2013.

Campmeeting Central

Join us this summer on for Camp Meeting Central. 

Camp Meeting Central your  source for 2013 Camp Meetings.  Join us as we broadcast live  from Allegheny East, Northeastern, Southeastern and Southeastern California Conference Camp Meetings.

For dates and schedules visit our live stream page on as we bring you live broadcasts all summer long!

Northeastern Conference

Camp Meeting 2014Northeastern Conference Camp Meeting 2014

June 27-28, 2014
Even so, come, Lord Jesus
Pastor Wintley Phipps (Special Afternoon Concert)
Young Adult - Rogers Johnson

July 4-5, 2014
Delbert Baker
Young Adult - Leeroy Coleman
Ordination - Pastor Levi Johnson
Live from Camp Victory Lake Camp Grounds
Hyde Park, NY


Allegheny East

Allegheny East Conference Camp Meeting 2014

Live from Pine Forge, PA

June 26- July 6, 2014


Praize Blog

The Call to Discipleship - Lesson 4

by Curtis Hall
He’s sitting in a boat teaching. There is a massive crowd standing before Him with one particular thing in common. Luke 5:1 reads, “The multitude pressed about Him to hear the word of God.” This week as we look at “The Call to Discipleship,” we will concentrate on the events of this day in history. The lessons are many. We could discuss if we…

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They Overcame By.. Gianna Snell

Summary: They Overcame By.. Gianna Snell

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