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Sabbath School

Curtis Hall is General Superintendent of one of the largest Adventist churches in North America. He began his career in Sabbath School at the Glenville Seventh-day Adventist Church in Cleveland, Ohio.

Known as a captivating, lively presenter and mentor for Sabbath School, Curtis is a highly-sought after presenter. He compiled his most effective, compelling presentation techniques—the secrets to his success—in his book, HIT the Mark, so that Sabbath School teachers everywhere could facilitate and enjoy vibrant, enthusiastic classroom participation and discussions.



To create an environment where people of all Christian faiths, backgrounds and cultures can come together to share their faith base experience with others. Each individual testimony will be used to encourage, inspire, motivate and create positive thoughts of change in the lives of each viewer.



Health and Wealth

Marc seeks to take leaders and turn them into people who are capable of changing the landscape of the universe through integrity, professionalism and innovation. Rather the venue is business or ministry, leadership is a key component in the longevity of this world.


180 degrees

FrontpageRedirecting our paths and life experiences can be challenging but not impossible with positive cognitive reinforcements and the power of Biblical principles. Latoya shares practical lessons in making a 180o turnaround in your life.

Shanny And Steve

Shantel and Steve Bennett are a young couple that has moved out west to Los Angeles from the city of New York. They deal with changes in culture and bring you something that every one deals with in there daily lives.

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