Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Graphic Dimenisons for Scrolling Banner on home page?

The Size is 1200px x 476px


How do I encode my archived sermons for H264 16:9 standard?

Video Encoding: Pre-Flight Checklist 16:9 Standard Video

Make sure that your Flash and MP4 Video encoding meets the Praizevision standards by employing these basic specifications:

Video encoded at a bit rate of 500k
Audio encoded at a bit rate of 96K and in stereo
Frame rate at 25fps
Key frames at every 5 frames
Dimensions at 720 x 480
Rate Control mode at CBR

If you are ripping sermons from DVD use Handbrake


What Technical Things Do I Need To Stream?

Many times we get asked the questions what do we need to get going. For us it depends on the churches needs. But here is a break down of somethings that you need to know about.

  1. Internet Connection: Usually you should get the fastest speed you can afford because this definatly affect your streaming quality. Preferably you should go with a Cable connection or if available in your area Verizon Fios. DSL can work but make sure its a SDSL and NOT a ADSL. When you get your network up and running then do a speedtest here. Please report to us the upload and download speed results.
  2. Capture Card: This also depends on your budget, but for the budget minded we recommend the Blackmagic Ultra Studio Intensity. It usually gets the job done pretty well.
  3. Computer: Most Computers now a days are ready out the box to run streaming software. However we suggest getting a MAC BOOK PRO or a MAC MINI to get the job done. Please remember to get your Thunderbolt cable or USB 3.0 cable to connect to your BlackMagic Capture Card. You can get a PC just make sure that you have USB 3.0 to connect to the capture device.
  4. Software: Out the box you can download FLASH LIVE Encoder to do your streaming. If you would like to a software with more features you can always look at Wirecast from Telestream.
  5. Camera: Again it depends on your budget.

These are some of the quick answers to the questions as to what are the basics.


Praizevision makes Streaming Simple

Many churches believe streaming is technically complex and expensive. Neither is the case. Often streaming can be setup from scratch in a single day with minimal costs. Here are the basics:
Begin with content. For audio-only streaming, this can be as simple as an audio feed off of your church’s PA system. You would typically use the same feed that would go to a tape deck used for recording your services. If you are already video recording your services for duplication or for image magnification on large screens, then perhaps you should consider streaming your video. In either case the video and/or audio are fed conventionally to what is called an encoder.
Add an encoder computer. This is a computer that is dedicated (at least during the church services) to encoding video and/or audio. Almost any desktop computer purchased today is powerful enough for encoding. For audio-only the computer’s sound card will work fine for capturing your services audio. Video streaming requires a compatible video capture card that can be obtained for less than $200 for capturing analog video and audio.
Fully functional professional encoding software (such as Flash Media Encoder) can be downloaded at no cost for either MAC or PC formats. Another encoder that we recommend  that are available at a cost is Wirecast from TeleStream.
Secure an Internet connection. A broadband Internet connection with enough “upload” connectivity (typically 400-600 kbps depending on the target video encoding quality) is needed to stream video. Live audio-only streaming of a church service can be accomplished with a good quality dial-up Internet connection. A single digitized stream is sent through the Internet connection to the streaming service provider. The encoder PC can also save an archived file of the service on its local hard drive. This file can then be uploaded as an on-demand file for later viewing or listening.
While not a substitute for attending church services in person, streaming can be the next best thing. As broadband and Internet access spreads across more of the world, the potential audience of any church is staggering and covers every country of the earth. Streaming will play an important part in tomorrow’s church. The good news is that the future is here today.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to start streaming your church services today.


What do you need to submit graphics and videos for the site?

We have four (2) major spots for advertising on the new

To maximize the speed of getting up the content we are sharing with you the dimensions for graphic or video submission.

  • Latest Events
  • Premium Banner Ad: 1200px W × 476px H
Latest Events and Premium Banners MUST be submitted to us in the following formats PNG,JPG, or GIF. Please NOTE: Docx or Doc files are no longer accepted.

Churches that already have an account with can submit Latest Events from within the control panel.

If you would like Video Ads or Premium Banners created for you contact our professional services department here.


What is Praizevision?

Praizevision is a new way to look at Praise and Worship on line. We believe that everything that has breath should praize the Lord. Our ministry focus is empowering churches to use technology to spread the love of Christ.

Praizevision makes Streaming simple.
Many churches believe streaming is technically complex and expensive. Neither is the case. Often streaming can be set up from scratch in a single day with minimal costs. more


How much do you charge for your services?

Praizevision is a portal for streaming ministries, advertisers, and content providers, we offer various competitive packages that can be customized to address your specific needs. For pricing information please contact our sales consultants.


We already have a streaming service, why do I need to use

We asked the same question initially. Just like every church is different, and unique Praizevision is different from other Christian streaming broadcasts. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to ministry. We are very selective about the quality of the ministries that we put on our streaming portal. You must meet certain specifications in order to join PV.


How can you help us to spread the gospel? is a tool for evangelism. We are powered by a powerful custom designed e-mail ministry tool that enables us to reach people globally.

Why should I stream with Praizevision?

One word. Quality. You will work with our technical support staff to ensure your equipment is set up correctly and we will even come to your church to provide on site training. In the event you have problem that needs hands on troubleshooting, our technical support department will be able to assist you remotely. What really sets us apart from other ministries is that our customer service department is relentless at making sure that our clients are satisfied.


How do you make your money, isn't it expensive to stream?

Yes it is, we sell advertisements to approved vendors and ministries.


Why don’t you play music on this site?

Due to copyright infringements we only play original music or live streamed music. Click here to visit ASCAP for more information. If you have questions about our policy, click here to read our terms of use.


How do I become a member?

Simply contact us via email by going to our contact us page and sending an email to the sign up department. A login will be provided for you so you can login and upload you ministries information. All churches who are a part of the network proudly display a Praizevision banner on their web site. By displaying these banners churches on our network have permission to broadcast or rebroadcast their internet stream.


Where do I get a banner or logo to add to my website?

You can get our banners or logos from our banners page located at


How do I get to the Podcast Application?

For members of you must login to our custom back-end and click on edit podcast to access our podcast generator.


I have Firefox™ but I don't see any video on my screen?

Please go to the following site and download the firefox windows media plugin:


end faq


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