About Us

Welcome to Praizevision! - An Online Christian Media Streaming portal.

Praizevision.com is the brain-trust of five different companies coming together to join forces for ministry.

We provide 24-hour video streaming of live and archived church services, concerts, and events as well as 24-hour radio stations. Churches are observing the Internet's virtually unlimited capacity as one of the most powerful delivery mediums. Praizevision provides churches with the tools to create a global congregation - an online congregation where individuals become spiritually and physically connected with their ministries.

Our mission is to provide ministries with state of the art broadband technology which empowers them to share the gospel of the Kingdom of God anywhere in the world. By providing the highest quality audio and video Internet streams, we help ministries grow and bring souls to Christ.

For more information about becoming a ministry partner on Praizevision, contact us via our contact us page.


Our Team

Gary Saunders
Praizevision, LLC, Praziegroup, Inc
fabian headshot
Fabian Morrison
President/VP of Business Development, Praizegroup, Inc.
Fabian Morrison Presents Host
Terrence Bowen
Praizevision (Webmaster)
Levon Hannah
Levon Hannah
Program Director
Praizevision South

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